New single release

I was working in my studio again, after a long time of silence. Before all of this, I did not so much as I did with the previous project, Gerobeat. But in the present day, I found my way back to the point where I started… The Guitar…

In my archive, I have a lot of concept-recordings, who just lying there being stupid. To be clear: too much to get on with. But in 2019, there was a session I recorded in March and there where only two tracks, who kept hanging on into my mind… Okay… a single… So that’s what I did…

Two instrumental pieces, based on a visualisation of arriving at home. At the moment where you supposed to be happy, to being home. But It isn’t. Instead of being happy, you arrive with an awkwardly feeling… Things had turned out bad. You’ve got disillusioned.. rather being happy… The whole picture you’ve got, had just collapsed like a house of cards… and you end up into a negative mood of giving things up like they are pointless anyway…

The second track is dedicated to being rise up… With an strong narrative…

At April 15 2022, this release will be available on al known streaming platforms. But for now, you can listen to the songs on Bandcamp.

Enjoy the music!

Regards, Brandon Commandeur

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